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Consensual Negotiation

Consent academy Introduction to negotiation


Kurogami & Shiawase OVER-TIE

Anatomy for Riggers and Rope Bottoms

Studio Kokoro Rope Jam

Classes at the studio

Kurogami & Shiawase 3 day intensive SOLD OUT!

Join Kurogami & Shiawase as they return for an extended 3 day intensive workshop.

Hashira Workshop SOLD OUT!

Join Wildties & RedSabbath for this intensive workshop and performance evening.

Payment options

We appreciate that people like to pay for tickets in different ways. We advertise tickets online but we do accept cash and card payments at the studio for all of our workshops and jams in advance. We’re also very happy to take part payments, so you can pay in smaller amounts in the time leading up to the workshop too.

We have added a £50 deposit ticket to all our weekend workshops.

All of our tickets are fully transferable up until the workshop itself.

If you want to come to a workshop and are struggling, please have a chat with Dave or Clover and we will work with you to make it happen.

NOTE: Most events are published via our newsletter before being made public in the gallery.

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