About Studio Kokoro

Studio Kokoro was initially an idea for a photographic studio, but it has evolved since its opening in February 2019 to be much more than that. It has always been a dream we never thought would become reality to have our own space to do rope and shoot in a room bigger than 4 tatami mats. Upon discovering the venue we knew it was meant to be and we had to make a good try at making it happen. Before we knew it we had a set of keys in our hands and were working around the clock for our opening.

The aim at Kokoro has significantly evolved and today would say the purpose of the studio is to cultivate a space for people to meet who are interested and enthusiastic about rope bondage. To provide a space for sharing and development of skill, knowledge and confidence regardless of rope style, level or identification. We are particularly passionate about Japanese style rope bondage but actively include those of all styles both in the space and online. We have a growing group of people enthusiastic about nylon rope.

We had only just begun to grow our community when we had to close our doors in March 2020 soon after our first birthday and made a shift to online concept classes with quality educators from all over the world. During this time, we feel proud to have developed strong connections with the wider rope world as well as strengthening connections in our local rope scene.

As we open our doors in June 2021, we again make a shift, this time towards a blended approach to education at the studio, offering both the physical space for learning but also virtual concept classes that we feel appropriate for online teaching. This way we can continue to offer high quality education to those areas in the world that do not have a local space or access to rope education, and support our own Kokoro community.

We have visited a great many great spaces around the world. We wish to acknowledge their inspiration in our decision to create our own space with Studio Kokoro.

We would like to extend our gratitude to both Naka Akira and Sugiura Norio for their help and input in the naming of Kokoro Studio. We didn’t want to choose an inappropriate name and wanted to make sure this name worked for the reasons we wanted it.

Meet the Team

Studio Kokoro relies on a team of amazing individuals who give their time and passion to the studio in exchange for very small privileges, such as access to the space and time at events in lieu of any time given. None of our team, including owners Dave and partner, receive any monetary payment for their time, energy and passion.

As members of the team we all hold ourselves accountable and not above community expectations and code of conduct. We will strive to deliver on our expectations, are open to feedback and held to consequences as any guest in the space. We encourage you to vet us if you want to tie with any of us, as a member of the community with you.

For the studio to run we rely on the support of this amazing team of dedicated, kind, passionate, enthusiastic people who want to foster a great space. You can read more about the team below.

WykD Dave

I’m Dave, I co-own Studio Kokoro. You will most often see me at events with my partner or talking rope with people at the studio.

I’m always happy to talk about rope with people and personally I love the aesthetic and emotional impact it has. It’s not like anything else I’ve ever found.

I love to tie and am forever learning more about rope, its nuance and history. The traditional style shown in the work of Sugiura Norio has been for a long time my primary inspiration. Not for the rope but for the emotional impact. I think the learning process of rope is something that never ends and I hope I will keep learning forever, not just technically but emotionally too. I love to teach and share what I’ve learned. Don’t be afraid to say hello. It’s nice when you do.

Outside of rope I love walking, nature, photography and reading.


Hello, I am Alexielle (she/they) a rope switch, kinkster and crazy cat lady. Due to travelling from Dorset you will mainly see me at weekend events, same goes for my partner Joe. I love the community at the studio and the chance to be geeky about rope so do not hesitate to chat to me about anything rope or kink related. I have been tying since 2014 and my rope journey has allowed me to experience various styles. Currently I am mainly exploring traditional japanese style rope and the odd artsy project as photography is another passion of mine. This hobby goes along with my love for nature and curiosity, love exploring new places.

Little Boy Blue

Hi, I’m Joe/Little-Boy-Blue (he/him) and Alexielle’s rope bottom since 2014. We are in a D/s relationship but I have recently also started learning how to tie and looking forward to learn more. The welcoming atmosphere draws me to the studio even though it’s quite a long journey. Like Alexielle you will mainly see me about on weekends though I tend to hide a bit more. Despite being shy I am always happy to lend a hand and happiest if I can be of assistance. If you don’t see me posing in front of Alexielle’s camera, I am behind it myself, bit of a camera geek and always happy to chat about gear, or cats.


I’m Alexa, a team member at Studio Kokoro who you’ll often see at jams and classes with my partner Dan. I love coming to the Studio and helping to create a space that people can feel comfortable in and embrace themselves.
Rope and kink has brought me on an amazing journey so far, one that is fuelled by emotion and amazing connections. In rope, I currently only bottom and find myself tying for connection and play or photography. In the last few years, I’ve been lucky to have some amazing rope experiences underwater, urbexing and outdoors. Since beginning to tie, I’ve also had some nerve injuries which has lead to my arms struggling to be tied in rope in certain positions. This what makes me a keen advocate for embracing your own body abilities and celebrating your strengths.
Outside of rope, I love reading, spending time in nature and I collect taxidermy and books about flowers. I’m also a hopeless romantic and love to write poetry.

God Dan It

Hi, I’m Dan, one of the studio team at Kokoro.
My partner Alexa introduced me to the wonderful world of rope and I have been learning to tie and enjoying the connection rope can bring ever since.
I love coming to the studio to support with the creation of the physical environment. I’m generally a quiet soul but always happy to help out where I can and provide assistance.
What draws me to rope is a few things. As an engineer, I particularly love the structure and form of tying and I have really been enjoying incorporating more bamboo into my ties recently. Secondly, through my practicing of martial arts over the years, I like to appreciate the tool that rope provides in takedowns. Overall though, I love watching people’s reactions which forms a huge part of the connections I make, particularly in a D/s dynamic as with my partner.
I still very much consider myself a beginner and am looking forward to learning more.
Out of the studio, I enjoy doing anything that involves working with my hands, as well as training in martial arts. I’m also pretty good in a kitchen too.


I am Tori; a polyamorous, trans-female sadistic rigger. I am in a relationship with Fi (Serene_Chaos), and you will usually find us doing filthy things at events!  

Fi and I owe so much to Studio Kokoro, as we met and first tied at the opening party. I started tying about 4 years ago, but it wasn’t until I met Fi that I realised that I tie to explore my partner’s mind; to enjoy their darker desires and fears whilst eroticising their suffering with rope.  

Rope is incredibly sexual for me, and is also usually part of a CNC D/s dynamic, where I can act on inspiration taken from traditional Japanese rope bondage, whilst causing mental (and physical) suffering with every passage.  

I enjoy chatting about all aspects of rope, so grab me any time. My rope journey has facilitated me truly being myself and I would love to pass on some of that enjoyment to others.  

Outside of rope, I am a keen (very amateur) photographer and I love visiting National Trust properties with my spouse.


Hi! I’m Fi. I’m the Studio Kokoro team finance person. I love being at the Studio as often as I can, participating in workshops, classes and jams as a bottom. You’ll most likely spot me with my girlfriend and kink/rope partner Tori. We met at the Kokoro opening party and have been exploring together ever since, despite me being an awkward dweeb when we were introduced! 

I’ve been involved in the kink scene as a bottom since my late teens, and have always had strong D/s and masochistic tendencies. I became more seriously involved in the rope scene in my 20s. Over the years, I’ve explored many rope styles. After a long time focusing on physical endurance (and being a bit of an edgelord…), I have fallen in love with more psychological play. Tori and I most enjoy unapologetically “dirty”, erotic, exposure-heavy and shame- inducing rope, mainly influenced by traditional Japanese tying. 

I also enjoy hiking long distances up hills, aerial silks and hoop, and freediving. 

Feel free to say hi if you see me around!


My name is Ankrah (She/her) 
Rope bottom and submissive with switching tendencies, 
Super kinky girl that loves to explore. 
My main passions are: Rope bottoming and rope modelling.  Outside of rope and into more of the kinky BDSM sides I practice S&M play, CNC  and Power Exchange. I am often found travelling up and down the country seeking out different kinky communities and meeting new people gaining different experiences and education. My travels have even taken me across America. 
I love meeting new people and engaging in all sorts of conversations diving deeper into topics. I also travel to places/events with no partner often knowing hardly anyone there, so I know exactly what it feels like to enter a space by yourself.  If you need someone to talk to or sit by you please don’t be afraid to approach me I am more than happy to hang out with you! Just look for the girl with really long hair! (That’s me!) 
I also create music playlists for Studio Kokoro’s jams/events so if you have any music suggestions please let me know. 
Outside of rope and kink I very much enjoy art, make-up and sports I also play video games and love to read erotica books.


Helloooo. I’m Jason. Also going by the name of “The Rope Fairy”

I discovered rope very early in life. And without knowing anything about it being kinky performed my first suspensions at age 13. All be it in the garage suspending from rafters using nylon clothes line. 
Many years later I decided try using real nylon bondage rope, but at that time there was very little in the way of resources or knowledge and had to resort to learning with natural fibre.
But in more recent years with there being a greater knowledge base available iv been able to go back to my first love.
Nylon 🙂
But I’m not just rope. Iv in the last few years started learning to use whips and now own a beautiful set which I enjoy as often as I can.

My interest during down time range from music and HiFi through to making custom dyed rope and various types of impact toys. 

If you see me at events and are interested in using synthetic rope please don’t hesitate to give me a prod. I’ll talk for hours and help as much as I possibly can. And not to worry if you don’t own any. I always have plenty for people to try and experience.


Hi I’m Milificent (she/her), you’ll mainly see me at weekend jams or workshops as I live a little further afield.

You’ll often find me in the snug area at Kokoro or maybe doing a bit of washing up, I am always happy to talk to new people, so if you’re feeling a bit shy or it’s your first time at the studio please don’t be afraid to say hi.

I only bottom for rope and love exploring the areas rope bondage not only takes my body but also my brain.

Aside from that I am very passionate about education from the bottoms perspective for both bottoms and riggers, whether this be around safety practices, sitting with challenging emotions or consent and self awareness.

We have visited a great many great spaces around the world. We wish to acknowledge their inspiration in our decision to create our own space with Studio Kokoro.

We would like to extend our gratitude to both Naka Akira and Sugiura Norio for their help and input in the naming of Kokoro Studio. We didn’t want to choose an inappropriate name and wanted to make sure this name worked for the reasons we wanted it.