Code of Conduct at Studio Kokoro

Studio Kokoro is a partnership with a shared desire to create a unique space with its own personality capable of hosting a variety of events and activities. Our mission is to provide a space for learning, practice and make connections.

Here are some guidelines on how to get the most out of the studio, and our expectations of you as a guest in our space.

Outside the studio

We are in an industrial building but it’s on a residential street. Please keep this in mind with regard to noise levels when you are arriving and especially when you are leaving late at night.
See our finding us page for parking information.

Please dress in vanilla style when outside of the Studio. We have neighbouring businesses and curious residents across the street. Let’s be nice to our neighbours.

Keep any nudity, rope and play inside the studio at all times. This includes the emergency exit corridor.

On arrival

We like to keep a clean environment. Please remove your shoes when entering the space, there are cubby holes provided for you to place your shoes in underneath the coat rack. Fabric boxes are provided for other personal belongings.

Welcome others

Please be friendly and welcoming to newcomers whenever possible, you have the opportunity to be a positive part of their first time at Kokoro and make them feel included.

Keep it clean

Help us keep the space clean during your time with us, please clean up after yourself. We have free tea and coffee and also provide free washing up materials. Please only take water into the tying area. For any spillages in the matted tying area please clean up thoroughly.

Respect for others (Diversity & Inclusion)

We welcome everyone through both our physical and virtual studio doors, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, body size, disability, physical appearance, age, kink, pronouns, personal space or any label/identity/presentation preference. We ask you to treat everyone with respect and courtesy while in our space. ALL are welcome.

Harassment or aggressive behaviour for any reason towards other studio users.

We particularly encourage those who may feel underrepresented in our community to join us at the studio.
We want to make those first steps to our space as easy as we can, so if you are nervous please reach out and contact us.

See our full policy here…


Consent is the foundation of BDSM and is what separates what we do from abuse. The studio is based around a RACK Consent model. Risk Aware Consensual Kink. If you need guidance please ask a member of staff.

Consent is voluntarily given by someone with sufficient understanding & mental capacity to do so. No means no. No explanation needed. Respect this and move on.

So always ask first

This relates to consent, touching anyone or touching anyone’s rope or belongings. If you are unsure, ask.


Please respect the privacy of those enjoying the space, do not disclose any personal or private information. We invite you to take photographs of your work in the studio but please ensure you do not have anyone in the background of these images. It is not acceptable to edit them out or blur the image later, they should not be there to begin with. To help with this we suggest choosing a space close to a wall if you do wish to take photographs.

Wax play

Wax play is allowed in the studio as long as you use a ground sheet and clean up properly after yourselves.

Exception: No wax on the tatami!

Smoking / Vaping

Please keep smoking and vaping outside of the studio and your conversation and dress vanilla while you’re outside as per the dress code policy.


Absolutely no recreational drugs will be tolerated in the studio.
Do not turn up drunk or high, you will be denied admission.
Do not leave a mess in the area you were playing.

Anything else

If you see something happen in the studio that goes against our ethos, for example, bullying or predatory behaviour please notify a member of the Studio Kokoro Team immediately.