Somatics for Rope Bottoms

12 embodied inquiries for transforming your experience in rope bondage

Paperback – 5 Aug. 2020

by Natasha NawaTaNeko

In rope bondage, what we rope bottoms bring into play is our body, our emotions, our psyche, and souls. Our whole being in its entirety is known as the Greek word “soma.” We allow ourselves to be affected on many levels, exposed to playing with our emotions, enduring physical discomfort, and open to mental challenges. What is truly remarkable about our soma is its unlimited capacity to adapt and learn. Soma is endlessly creative, always undergoing that endless cycle of life, and change; leaving behind the familiar terrain and entering into the unknown. Rope bottoming is a somatic discipline, says Natasha NawaTaNeko. Through developing our ability to sense and regulate ourselves, we can have the experience we are yearning for. Bringing together her passion and experience as a Kinbaku model, her professional background in sexological bodywork and personal research on the topic of somatic change, Natasha developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes making it more internal, conscious and safe and to access a profound state of true surrender.

I knew when I opened this book that I was going to read a unique perspective on rope bottoming that I hadn’t encountered before. It did not disappoint me. This is the first book on rope bottoming I’ve found that was just as useful to me as to the bottom. I heartily recommend riggers to read it too.

Natasha presents a new perspective which is well articulated and useful.

There are few things in life more useful and mind expanding than a new perspective or even a slight change in thinking. It is very interesting to read her thoughts as presented in this book.

The rope bottom guide

The 4th edition of the Rope Bottom guide is now available to download in 14 languages.

This guide is provided free of charge and is free to reproduce for educational purposes.

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