Welcome to Studio Kokoro


During the coronavirus crisis we are doing virtual jams and lessons. We are also collaborating with other educators around the world to support them at this time.

We’re really hoping this crisis will be over soon and that everyone gets through it safely!

While we’re all going through this we’d very much like to preserve the community spirit everyone has had. So please join in at our streamed events and classes while this persists.

Please keep yourselves safe during this difficult time and we hope to see you all at the studio in the future.


While the crisis persists we will be updating people as much  as possible via our newsletter and on our COVID-19 page.

Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Also updates are available on our Studio Kokoro Instagram profile.

Virtual Classes

Studio Kokoro Virtual Classes Will continue

We have been putting up virtual streaming classes and videos recently. Many people have asked if we’re going to continue with these after we are able to open our doors again.

Certainly we will. We have been very touched by the positive responses we’ve had to our virtual classes. We will definitely keep on with our virtual classes where this does not conflict with our teaching principles.

We feel we have had a breakthrough with geographical boundaries and have enjoyed connecting with the global rope scene during this time that we want to continue to connect by continuing to offer monthly virtual class, even after we can open our studio doors again.

Thank you and stay safe!

Live Stream Teaching

Our live stream classes are available to everyone around the world and you can get tickets on our tickets page.

We are making some tickets available for each class free to NHS and Health care workers around the world.

We very much appreciate that this is an unusual time in the history of the world and rope kink so it’s wonderful for us to see everyone enjoy their kink via these classes. 

We hope you and your loved ones all remain safe and well during the COVID-19 crisis and that we get to meet you in person some day soon!

See our events listings here

Regular Events

Studio Kokoro Rope Jam

Our rope jam is a very relaxed event with plenty of tying and social interaction. We pride ourselves on the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our events and the rope jam is an excellent example of this ethos.

We love seeing everyone tying and having fun. Even if you don’t have a partner then please still come along and interact with everyone at the event. It’s well worth getting to know everyone and enjoying the atmosphere and social aspects of the event.

Studio Kokoro Tied up Tuesday

Tied up Tuesday is a relaxed and friendly event for all our local regulars.

We wanted to create an event which would encourage the building of our local community in the surrounding areas of Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, and beyond.

Feel free to come along and tie and socialise in a super relaxed atmosphere at the studio.

We’re always happy to see new people.

Studio Kokoro Rope Bottom School

The rope bottom school is brought to you by Clover, her vision is about bringing together all voices of rope regardless of style or role. The focus of these events will be on the bottom side of rope.

People are welcome to lab ties from the bottoms perspective too.

We will look at things like, communication, vetting, personal responsibility, discuss problematic ties, what skills are valued for rope bottoming and how this school can help provide that. What educators we might like to see.

Studio Kokoro Rope School

Rope school is sadly temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis. We will return with rope school once the crisis is over.


You can get tickets for all our upcoming events from the links below.