Please remove your shoes in the reception area, if you want to have footwear in the studio please wear socks or bring clean slippers or slipper socks.

Smoking / Vaping

Please keep smoking and vaping outside of the studio and your conversation and dress vanilla while you’re outside as per the dress code policy.


Please feel free to take photos of your own scene as long as you’re sensible and don’t include anyone who isn’t explicitly consenting  to be in the image.

Respect others

Inside the studio

Don’t touch other people’s stuff without permission.
Don’t interrupt scenes.
The studio is a rope space. Do not engage in loud impact play.

Outside the studio

We are in an industrial building but it’s on a residential street. Please keep this in mind with regard to noise levels when you are arriving and especially when you are leaving late at night.

Please dress in vanilla style when outside of the Studio. We have neighbouring businesses and curious residents across the street. Let’s be nice to our neighbours.

If in doubt

Ask a member of the studio team.

If you fear something dangerous is going on please talk to a member or the Studio team and don’t attempt to interfere yourself.

Wax play

Wax play is allowed in the studio as long as you clean up properly after yourselves.

Exception: No wax on the tatami!

Conduct unbecoming

Absolutely no recreational drugs will be tolerated in the studio.
Do not turn up drunk or high, you will be denied admission.
Do not leave a mess in the area you were playing.