Kokoro Live: Introduction to Caning With Fred Hatt and Anna Bones

The cane - a stereotypical implement of BDSM - is one of the most versatile implements for play. This class is a comprehensive introduction on how to use one (or several!) effectively in a scene. What canes are, what they aren't. And why we use this particular material. Safety: where to hit, and how to adjust your strokes when there are people around you. How to incorporate these things in a scene, building context for their use Some sadistic, entertaining games to play with canes.

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Rope Bottoming for Tops and Bottoms with Clover and WykD Dave at Anatomie studio Live

This class aims to give rope bottoms and tops the tools to empower themselves to make informed decisions around rope bondage. We will look at potential risks and ways of overcoming them. Topics such as health, communication, disclosure, preparing for a scene, pain processing and how to get the most from your bondage experience. There will be open discussion throughout and opportunities to share problems, solutions and ask questions.

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Rainbow power: Channeling your energy to tie a hojo hishi.

Sauvage_x and oceanschild are excited to help at Studio Kokoro, sharing the fun and beauty of a hojo hishi (‘diamond’) tie. The class helps develop self-awareness and body knowledge as well as rope skills.

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Rope Jam and community class ‘Online to offline’ how to meet people from the internet without being killed!

The Studio Kokoro Rope Jam is a combination of open [...]

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Weekend Intensive with FredRx and Ropebaby

Fred will begin by looking at developing a deeper understanding and mastery of the fundamental elements of rope play that build the foundation of advanced practice, a benefit to any student wanting to excel in their rope skills. Beginners will learn proper techniques for foundational elements of rope play while more advanced practitioners will learn subtle but high impact refinements and modifications.

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