Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to access tickets, and to get the most up to date information, is to subscribe to the Studio Kokoro Newsletter available at: This newsletter is released every Thursday. The newsletter will contain information on the upcoming event ticket availability as well as remaining tickets from previous releases. If you would rather not sign up to our newsletter, tickets are available here and also on Fetlife.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder as the email is occasionally diverted there. If the email is not in the spam or junk, we recommend clearing your cookies and resubscribing to the newsletter. If this fails to resolve the issue, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

For workshops and events taking place at the studio, the start time and date will be on the event listing itself here and in your confirmation email.

If you are attending an online ‘Kokoro Live’ class, the event start time will be in your ticket confirmation email, along with the access code for zoom. The event listing will state the class time and the time-zone.

Please consider the possible time difference when purchasing tickets for online classes.

If you are looking at an online class or event at the studio on FetLife, please note that FetLife will display the start time for the event in the timezone for the location you have selected for yourself on FetLife. As many people wish to anonymise their location, this is something to consider if you have selected a different location to where you actually live. 

Studio Kokoro is based in the UK all classes and event times on are listed in UK time. This will be GMT or BST depending on the time of year, as we have daylight savings. There are tools available to check the time difference such as Google or Please be aware, if you are viewing event times on FetLife, FetLife will have automatically changed the time to suit the location listed on your FetLife profile. Please be extra aware of this if you have listed yourself as being in a location other than where you are located.

We use Zoom meetings for our virtual classes, as we have found this to be a more engaging platform than the Zoom webinar, especially for the presenter.

You will need to download Zoom for free to attend online classes. You can do this here:

Upon purchasing tickets, the Meeting ID (Room Number), Password and a link to join the event will be sent to you in the Confirmation Email.

One ticket gives access to one Zoom login. If there are two people participating on one device, only one ticket is required.

If both people would like to login separately, on different devices, this will require 2 log ins and therefore 2 tickets.

None of our online classes require you to have your camera or microphone on. This a choice left entirely to you. The moderator will generally mute everyone whilst the class is in progress to avoid too much background noise and interference. Some classes will have the opportunity to ask verbal questions throughout or at the end. If this is the case, the moderator will invite the participants to turn their microphones on to participate if you wish. During the class, the typed ‘chat’ feature is available for asking questions and commenting throughout.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for online classes. Studio Kokoro endeavours to provide information as early as possible to help plan attendance to classes.  The confirmation email contains all the required information to log into the event and would still be able to attend. We have a limited capacity on Zoom and can only allocate an appropriate number of tickets per event.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for our online classes. Studio Kokoro endeavours to provide information as early as possible to help plan attendance to classes.  The confirmation email contains all the required information to log into the event and would still be able to attend. We have a limited capacity on Zoom and can only allocate an appropriate number of tickets per event.

Our values and risk profile for online education is to bring concepts we feel suitable for online learning in a way that fits with this ethos. We work hard in alignment with our presenters to bring appropriate high quality education to our online platform.

In order create a safe and authentic space, our virtual classes are not recorded. Similarly, we do not consent to the recording of any of our classes. While we appreciate this is not convenient for everyone for various reasons. We continue to provide a copy of the presentation slides and screenshots of demonstrations to aid learning.

We are committed to upholding the Studio Kokoro code of conduct throughout physical and online classes. Our Code of Conduct can be found:

If we have enough interest, and our presenter is happy to, we will do our best to repeat classes.

The best way to confirm a start time is by visiting:

If you are looking at our event on Fetlife, the event times will be changed to your local timezone, this will be the location you have set for yourself on FetLife (be aware of this if you have set to Antarctica). This is out of our control and something FetLife does automatically.

If the class has presentation slides we will send them to everyone that purchased a ticket for that class. We will also send out any relevant supporting material to all attendees usually within a week of the event taking place. If there is a demonstration and the presenter is happy to have screenshots taken we will send these out with the supporting material. All resources will be available to download to your chosen device/s for 1 week from the date they are sent out. Please ensure you download this material to avoid missing out, as we are unable to keep all materials from all classes.

Our Discord Server has been set up with the intention of providing a way for those who attend our regular events to maintain their connections, friendships and keep in touch. It is mostly general chat so you are not missing out on any learning or education. Opening this server wider would change its original purpose. 

Studio Kokoro does not have a shop.

We have limited stocks of the following to purchase in the studio itself.

  • Ogawa Jute (6mm) – Natural Colour
  • Tenugui
  • Painfully Knk Candles
  • Treatment Wax
  • Safety shears

While we are not a store, we are more than happy to sell and ship any of our stock locally and overseas. Our primary reason for having these items available to purchase is so attendees at Studio Kokoro can acquire these items easily.

If you would like to purchase any items please contact us outlining what you would like to purchase. We accept payment via bank transfer or paypal.
You can purchase Studio Kokoro merchandise, which is available at:

To attend an online class you will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with the Zoom application (available for free at:, on the app store and google play). You will also need a stable internet connection. You do not require a camera or a microphone to attend.

We encourage participants to interact as much or as little as they like in line with Studio Kokoro’s Code of Conduct.

We have made sure to welcome and engage with every individual that has walked through our doors to support their feeling welcome, we practice our Diversity and Inclusion statement as part of our Code of Conduct.

While we continue to offer online classes we offer free tickets to BiPOC, Asian, Black and marginalised groups at Studio Kokoro. These tickets are limited and offered for every online class we run. This is so we can play our role in supporting education that may not be otherwise available and support developing future BiPOC, Asian, black and those from other marginalised groups to develop they skills and potentially become educators and leaders.

We have had Inclusion and Representation events at the studio and it is something we hope to continue to offer when we can open without social distancing measures: Inclusion and Representation at Studio Kokoro (Requires FetLife login to read)

We have had some new members to our team and by the end of 2021 everyone in the team will have had Unconscious Bias and EDI training.

We are actively developing our own knowledge through personal research on Inclusion and how we can be better at Studio Kokoro.

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