Midlands Peer Whip

Midlands Peer Whip at Studio Kokoro

Midlands Peer Whip at Studio Kokoro

Every 2nd Saturday of each month from 1pm-6pm

Midlands Peer Whip aim’s to bring the spirit of the Peer format of learning to the art of Whips. Our goal is to bring enthusiasts of Whip play from both sides of the crack together in a spacious and relaxed environment where they can practice freely and learn from each other.

The spacious studio offers the opportunity for many Whip users and their partners to practice at the same time whilst also providing a relaxed chilled out break area for others to rest in when not cracking. The studio is a ground floor accessible basement complex with fantastic sound proofing properties allowing us to crack our whips freely.

Find the studio here.

Midlands Peer Whip is organised by Kamanth and has come about because of the realisation that the greatest obstacle in getting better with whips is often the lack of space to practice in discreetly and the ability to easily exchange ideas and learn with other Whip enthusiasts. We hope that this will go some way to helping other fans of Whipping and being Whipped to come together and share in each others knowledge and experiences.

Our rules and etiquette page can be found on FetLife Here.

And our Group page on FetLife for all discussions can be found Here.

You can expect:

  • A relaxed environment to practice and learn in.
  • Nearly 3,000 square feet of space.
  • a chill out lounge social area to talk and relax in.
  • Kitchen facilities for making hot and cold drinks in.
  • Plentiful private and on road free parking.
  • Easy transport links.
  • 21 suspension beams if you prefer your bunny stays put!
  • Floating targets for whip aim practice.
  • Marked poles for neck and body wrap practice.
  • Ear plugs and safety glasses are provided if anyone wants them.

Please note this is a brand new studio that has only just been finished. We have a huge space to practice in but would ask our whipping guests to be cautious with their vertical throws with consideration to not catching our lights in their crackers.