Covid-19 Policy

We are committed to providing ongoing COVID Measures to reduce risk and provide a space where attendees feel safe.

This page will be updated frequently in accordance with Government Guidelines and policy. This page was last updated on 28th July 2021.

Our promise to you;

  • The Studio Kokoro Team follow a rigorous cleaning schedule after each event with additional cleaning taking place during each event as and when required.
  • All events are pre-registered events with limited numbers.
  • All tying spaces are clearly marked out with tape, each space is 2m2 with a clear one direction walkway in between each space.
  • NHS Track and Trace QR code is in the reception area, while it is not mandatory to scan we encourage it for the safety of you and everyone in the space.
  • We will only be accepting card payments at the studio for any purchases.
  • Weather permitting we will keep the studio entrance door open to increase ventilation in the studio.
  • We will provide a separate COVID Policy for Workshops individually as measures may change due to the nature of each workshop.

What we ask of attendees in the space:

  • To tie with prearranged partners for the duration of the event, you can bubble with other groups at the event.
  • Please wear a mask in all communal areas of the studio. We have spare masks if you forget yours or it is broken. Please see notes below* regarding exemptions.
  • On arrival we will check your temperature with a contactless system, please only enter the reception area when there are no people occupying that space.
  • Respect social distancing in the studio in communal areas.
  • We have a one way system in place with clear markings on the floor to help you navigate the studio. We ask everyone in the space to follow this one way system.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes provided throughout the studio as required.
  • We are a sustainable space, please wash, dry and put your mug away if you use the tea/coffee facilities.
  • Please be aware that some people have anxiety about being around groups of people, please respect that and do not go for uninvited contact.
  • We ask you to inform Studio Kokoro if you test positive or develop any symptoms associated with COVID up to 14 days after you were at Studio Kokoro or if you come into contact with anyone who develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID in those 14 days after being at the studio.

We expect all guests in the space to respect the measures we have put in place, to protect the safety of our attendees, team and presenters. If you do not follow the policy you will be given a warning and if non compliance continues you will be asked to leave the event with no refund.

If you identify as someone at higher risk, please contact us if you have any additional needs to what has been outlined in this policy.

* At Studio Kokoro we ask everyone to wear a mask in communal areas, this is due to the vulnerability of a member of the Studio Kokoro Team having immune compromised health. For this reason we are not in a position to make exceptions for those who are exempt from wearing a mask as the risk will still exist for this member of our team. We are of course very sorry for any inconvenience caused.