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The rope bottom school is about all voices of rope but with focus on the bottom side of rope. Clover will be facilitating this event.

This first event is free to attend, and will be more of a collaborative discussion through the day and together shape what the community would like in a rope bottoming school, bring your ideas, your voice, we will have exercises and breaks in between. People are welcome to lab ties from the bottoms perspective too.

We will look at things like, communication, vetting, personal responsibility, discuss problematic ties, what skills are valued for rope bottoming and how this school can help provide that. What educators we might like to see.

Who can attend?
Riggers, self-tiers, bottoms ,switches, people who have never been tied before and people who are curious about rope. Pretty much open to everyone and everyone.

How much is it?
Its free. Subsequent events will run on the 2nd Friday of each month and will be a suggested price of £10 to attend, but no one will be turned away through lack of funds.

Can I come alone
Absolutely, if you have a tying partner bring them along too, but everyone is welcome to come alone and there will be lots of people attending solo. It will be lots of interesting discussion so you won’t feel out of place.