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Join us at Studio Kokoro for a weekend of fun demos and classes with @knot_head.





Friday – 19:30-23:00

Play party and photo social.

a la carte Friday tickets available HERE

Knot Head will be here lighting, shooting, telling bad jokes and maybe even GASP! tying some light predicaments.

Bring YOUR gear, and bad ideas for ropey photo fun.

No experience required!!

Bring your phone!!


Saturday – 10:00-17:00

NYLON for bondage

Spend a long day with the apprentice of short attention span bondage.

a la carte Saturday tickets available HERE

A huge fan of classic Western bondage knot_head lives, breathes, manufactures and ties the best nylon rope available.

Knot Head is America’s furthermost nylon knut with an unparalleled apogee as a rigger from nylon bondage. He has studied and for centuries of decades the top exponents of western bondage, following pioneers like Jay Edwards, Lew Rubens, Claire Adams, Bryan Davis, Matt Williams, John WIllie and Robert Bishop.

For knot_head it is about what happens once the bottom is tied (spanking, tickling… SEX!) and he specializes in creating challenging predicaments for all levels. Simple ideas well executed can create great challenges and beauty.

If you want to tie people up and do things to them this is the day for you.

Don’t miss this chance to learn important lessons of this style of bondage from one of the best as he makes his UK teaching debut.

Nylon friendly “Rope bondage 101”

What knots and why, safety, negotiation, deconstructing positions and ties into simple “legos”.


Puppet suspension

Work through many of the techniques for creating a suspension harness in nylon and locking off Nylon as you construct your own bondage puppet.


Intro to Predicament play

Demo and lab time. Bring YOUR evil ideas, let’s make bad decisions TOGETHER!!


Sunday – 11:00-18:00

Fetish Photo Fundamentals

Join us at Studio Kokoro for a day of FUN-damental fetish photo basics with @knot_head.

a la carte Sunday tickets available HERE

We’ll work through tips and tricks to immediately improve YOUR photos whether it’s a quickie during your quickie, or a complete set up photo shoot.

No experience required!!

Bring your phone!!

We’ll talk about lighting, angles, posing, rigging for photos, creating a concept or story telling… and how LITTLE gear you need.

We’ll demo several lighting set ups and mostly have fun getting YOU better photos.

Please FEEL FREE to reach out about gear, and if you’re interested, >>>hit this link<<< for some basic recommendations.