Studio Kokoro is lucky enough to be situated between 2 large pubs both located on the A38 next street along in both directions with the Sir Jon Cockle one side and The Bold Forester on the other. There is also a short cut through the houses to reach The Sir Jon Cockle opposite the Studio that we can direct you too.

Please consider alcohol consumption and your planned activities at the Studio with regard to the advisability of drinking during your lunch breaks.

The Barracuda Fish Bar is also on the A38 just up from the studio and opposite the Sir Jon Cockle pub along with the Crunch cafe offering many vegan options.

Further up the A38 is a Morrisons Supermarket and just before you reach Morrisons there is a large Costa drive through cafe next to the local Reservoir.

In the opposite direction there is also a small Asda for anyone who just wants a sandwich and drink.

Nando’s, Chiquito and Bella Italia, as well as a KFC, McDonalds, Pizzahut restaurant and Sainsburys are all located 1.5 miles/5mins away at Park Lane NG18 1BU.


Our nearest and recommended hotel is the Travelodge due to the price and flexible nature of their tickets*.

Travelodge (click to go to the travelodge site)
Mansfield Rd,
NG17 4HG.
Tel: +(44) 1623 552919
with rooms available from £43 depending on when booked.

This is located 1.3 miles away from the studio and only a 5 minute drive or 25 minute walk away with buses also available.

Search on for alternative accommodation.

Please note there is a hotel next to the railway station (The Midland Hotel) which we do not recommend. We have unfortunately had nothing but bad reports about it.

Food near the hotel

Next to the Travelodge there is a Birds bakery and cafe, Subway, Tesco Express as well as a  Frankie and Benny’s right in front. Across the street there is also the Kingsmill Farm pub and restaurant and a 24hour McDonalds.

*Though it is very rare there are occasions where events are cancelled due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance. We therefore recommend you book refundable tickets for your accommodation. While we appreciate that discount tickets are very attractive please note you purchase them at your own risk.