Welcome to Kokoro Live, bringing you classes we feel are appropriate to online learning. Please read the event listing including health warning below.

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About the Workshop

Before we put trust in our tying partners and for those who already have, it can be a good idea to make some space to develop trust in ourselves. We can make this space for growth at any point in out rope journey, as beginners or as experienced rope bottoms.

Join @Clover as she talks through and facilitates some discussion on developing a solid belief in the reliability of yourself, your abilities and knowledge.

We will have some interesting discussion around self doubt, understanding and accepting your limits and desires, aftercare, negotiation and we will discuss ways you can begin to build trust when you are new to rope.

Rope Bottom School is for all voices of rope and everyone is welcome to join us in this bottom focused discussion.

What to bring

  • Pen and paper if you want to take notes
  • Your phone, we will have an interactive class (with menti again) so you will need your phone to take part in this.
  • Any questions and comments
  • An open mind

Studio Kokoro Live

This class is scheduled for 11am
All events are in GMT+1 (Edinburgh, London, UK Time)
These are live classes and will not be recorded, and so cannot be viewed after the event itself.
You will need to download zoom to access this class.

Health Warning

We are responding to the current situation as best we can, closed our studio doors, taking government advice very seriously to help keep our attendees, our staff and the community safe.
We ask that when attending these classes you do not meet up with partners or make any non-essential journeys. All of these classes can be joined solo, and we really urge you to attend solo if you are not quarantined with a partner. Thank you so much for your support with this.


We have 3 tiers of tickets, with pay what you can options via the donation option.
Free tickets are available for NHS workers and health care workers abroad and we have budget tickets for those struggling financially right now.

About Clover and WykD Dave

Clover and Dave are kinbaku enthusiasts, educators, performers and forever students of this erotic art. They have been tying together for 10+ years and bring their learning to every aspect of their rope. Together they have made their dream a reality opening Studio Kokoro in 2019 and aspire to host quality Kinbaku education for riggers and bottoms.

Their rope is a story of emotion, passion, and beautiful suffering communicated through the medium of their interaction in bondage.