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About the Workshop

The cane – a stereotypical implement of BDSM – is one of the most versatile implements for play. This class is a comprehensive introduction on how to use one (or several!) effectively in a scene.

What canes are, what they aren’t. And why we use this particular material.
Safety: where to hit, and how to adjust your strokes when there are people around you.
How to incorporate these things in a scene, building context for their use
Some sadistic, entertaining games to play with canes.
Studio Kokoro Live
All events are in GMT+1 (Edinburgh, London)
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Health Warning

We are responding to the current situation as best we can, closed our studio doors, taking government advice very seriously to help keep the community safe.
We ask that when attending these classes you do not meet up with partners or many any non-essential journeys. All of these classes can be joined solo, and we really urge you to attend solo if you are not quarantined with a partner.


We have 3 tiers of tickets, with pay what you can options.
Free tickets are available for NHS workers and health care workers, as well as those who have no income.

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About Fred and Anna

Fred and Anna have been tying together for 7 years and are proud owner of London’s Anatomie Studio – a sex-positive hug for rope education and practice. Fred’s flavour of play and rope leans towards S&M with a strong predilection for predicaments, fear play and scenes that end in good and cathartic tears. As well as rope, Fred enjoys playing with canes and whips, and they often make an appearance in his scenes. Anna claims her style of bottom can be described as ‘defiant’ (but other perhaps would describe it as ‘bratty’…), and enjoys exploring feelings of loss, frustration and anger in her scenes with Fred.