Hey we’re having a Party!!

Studio Kokoro is celebrating its first year! Come join us to tie and play and celebrate our wonderful atmosphere.

We will have some snacks and drinks.

BYOB is welcome. Please play responsibly.

Have fun and make use of the studio, wall hooks, floor space, suspension points and hashira.

Come and enjoy tying in our calm and beautiful space, good music or socialise in our break out area.

When: 22nd February from 8-1am.

Please be mindful of noise when arriving and leaving and help us keep good relations with our neighbours. Please do not park on front of any houses on the street.

What is the dress code?: This is a party so please make some effort with black as a minimum. Lingerie, nudity, party dresses, fetish clothes (inside the studio only) or even pj’s are all encouraged. Please note the studio is a shoe free space.

How much is it? We want to let our hair down and celebrate with you all but would appreciate you donate something on the door. We have a wooden box for donations in the entrance area. We can also take card payments if you wish to donate that way, every little helps and we more than appreciate it.


We survived our first year, and boy has it been a roller coaster of a year. We’ve tried to keep things as smooth as possible but the whole team and studio has had a lot of ups and downs through this past year, health problems, injuries, bad news, the council popping in randomly to check on us, our insurance cancelling us at the drop of a hat and scrambling to find another, wondering if we could financially stay open but we’re here 1 year in and it’s FLOWN by.

A year ago we had not yet painted the studio fully, the beams and lights we’re not up yet, we had the intoxicating paint fumes to look forward to and many hilarious Instagram posts and live stories as a result of that, we will be sharing our memories over the next couple of weeks so follow us on Instagram to relive our high on paint fumes. What have we got now at the end of our first year….

…we have an incredible growing community of people that are so welcoming to those new to the space and new to rope. Inclusion is something we really feel strongly about and everyone has embraced the ethos of the space fully.

Our vision for the studio was a space for the community where everyone felt like it was their space too. We are so happy that regulars are bringing their own mugs, making their own name pegs and embracing these little touches to make it feel like a rope home.

I think we’re starting to reach that goal!

We could not have done this at all without our incredible team who volunteer their time to help out and make the space possible. A huge heartfelt thank you to @Kamanth@–Jason–@God-Dan-It@Alexahamartia@Ankrah and @-calluna-

So come along and celebrate with us for this amazing first year with us and welcome the start of our second!

This might be cheeky but if you do want to join us we have a donation box in the entrance area and we do accept donations to help us, we won’t push this though as we would rather people come and celebrate with us than worry about affording joining us.

We also have an Amazon wishlist, as few people have asked for this so will link to it here. We’re new to this so if you cannot access it and want to then let us know.

The Studio Kokoro Team