The Rope Jam is an open practice and rope play session for all riggers, bottoms and self-suspenders to make use of the studio, floor space, suspension points and hashira.

Join is and tie in our calm and beautiful space or chill and socialise in our break out area. We have a small kinbaku book library to feed inspiration and rope you can borrow if you need it.

When: 8th February from 2-8pm.

What is the dress code?: Our dress code is pretty flexible, we recommend comfortable clothes to tie in, or if you like to dress up, feel free to come as comfy or sexy as you desire. Please note the studio is a shoe free space.

How much is it? The rope jam is £8.00 prepaid or £10 on the door, we can take cash or card on the door.

Community Class: Every month we have a community class as part of our Rope Jam. This month is The Reversing TK with WykD_Dave and Clover

This class is suitable for all levels and is practical application so bring your rope and a partner. We will do our best to pair people if you do not have a partner.

What you will learn We will go through a floorwork reversing TK with adaptions, if applicable, for all flexibilities. While this tie is not for suspension, it will open your rope play to include an arms behind the back harness. We will cover some points on aesthetics, tension, placement and cover rope bottoming elements. You are welcome to bring a notebook to make notes if that is helpful. No video allowed.

Come and enjoy tying in our calm and beautiful space!!

Tea and Coffee is available.

Tickets available here

Rope jam tickets are only £8 in advance and £10 on the door.

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