A connective and creative approach to partial suspension

We are excited to bring you ‘Playing with Partials’ with Phoenix_Flight and Lila_Winter, our first workshop of 2020.

Break away from the routine of tying the same old set of structured ties over and over!

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About the Workshop

This workshop is all about harnessing the skills you already have to create dynamic and sexy rope scenes that both partners will thoroughly enjoy. With a mix of technical skills, rope handling advice and creativity exercises, the class will boost your confidence in improvised rope work and interacting with your partner while tying, while exploring how the use of a hardpoint can add an extra dimension to your play, without the stress of doing a full suspension.

We will start by refreshing our understanding of the basic frictions needed to build secure and sustainable ties, which will lead on to exploring some improvisational building blocks that can be fit together in different ways. By developing the skills needed for freeform tying, you will be able to make your scenes exciting, intimate and less predictable. We will then move on to practise strategies for maintaining connectivity while tying complex ties, and untying (and retying) inventively. We will look at the ways partial suspensions can change the shapes and stresses of ties, and what can be added to a scene, and demonstrate how partial suspensions can be used for sadism, predicaments, stress positions, and positional breath play.

This class will include a tuition on the safe handling of suspension lines, so no suspension experience is required. Partial suspensions come with their own dangers, so there will be a focus on risk assessment and safety.

Who is this workshop suited to?

This workshop is perfect for people who have been learning for a few months, and are looking to play more with their rope skills.

Tickets are £60 per couples ticket (tying pair)

Prerequisites for this workshop

Riggers: can tie a single column, futomomo and a chest harness; have a basic understanding of frictions; have competent rope handling skills.

Models: can communicate discomfort with their rigger; experience of being in rope for 30+ minutes What to bring: Five to eight ropes, at least one ring or carabiner and strap/rope to mount it.

About Phoenix Flight

Phoenix has been tying since early 2012, and currently is a regular teacher at Oxford Rope Bight. He has also taught in Northampton, Nottingham, Reading, Manchester and at UKREx and String Fling, and has performed at Twisted, Roses Ropes and Anatomie Studio. His rope style is based upon Japanese style kinbaku, but over time he has evolved his own style of connective improvised rope, influenced by other Oxford riggers as well as the wider UK rope scene, and has had tuition from Wykd_Dave, LacedLines, Gorgone, and FredRx, among others. He is a core member of the Oxford Rope Family, helped start UK Rope Exchange, and hosts the annual Rope-a-Thon charity suspension challenge.

Studio Kokoro

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