We are excited to announce for the first time in the UK, Knot_Head will be presenting 3 amazing workshops in December.

About the Workshops

(click on each specific event for exact details, times etc)

Friday 6th December: Knot Head Photo Social and Play Party
Get your tickets here Join us at Studio Kokoro for a play party and “photo social”. No experience required, bring rope and your phone.

Saturday 7th December: Working with Nylon for Bondage

Get your tickets here
Knot Head will cover:

  • Nylon Rope Bondage 101
  • Puppet Suspension
  • Intro to Predicament Play

Bring your Nylon rope for order the best Nylon here Use the code ‘Chucky’ and collect your rope at the studio that weekend.

Sunday 8th December: Fetish Photo Fundamentals
Get your tickets here

In this workshop you will work through tips and tricks to immediately improve YOUR photos whether it’s a quickie during your quickie, or a complete set up shot.
Knot Head will talk about lighting, angles, posing, rigging for photos, creating a concept or story telling… and how LITTLE gear you need.

Knot Head will demo several lighting set ups and mostly have fun getting YOU better photos to take away that very day.

Or for amazing value why not get all of this in a Whole Weekend Ticket!

Weekend event listing is here

Prerequisites for this workshop

No experience required! Bring what camera gear you have and if not bring your phone!!

Come with an open mind and and willingness to have fun and get creative!

What to bring

Bring what camera gear you have, and if not then bring your phone and nylon rope of course!

We have a few spare sets of nylon rope at the studio, if you want to borrow some please let us know so we can set it aside for you.

Bring food, your lunch each day and any snacks you will need. We have eateries and supermarkets nearby but also a fridge for you to store your lunch.

Tickets for the whole weekend can be purchased here

About Knot Head

knot_head is America’s furthermost nylon knut with an unparalleled apogee as a rigger or nylon bondage. He has studied and worked for centuries of decades with the top exponents of western bondage, following pioneers like Jay Edwards, Lew Rubens, Claire Adams, Bryan Davis and Matt Williams.

A huge fan of classic Western bondage by the likes of John WIllie and Robert Bishop, Knot_head lives, breathes, manufactures and ties the best nylon rope available.

For knot_head it is about what happens once the bottom is tied (spanking, tickling… SEX!) and he specialises in creating challenging predicaments for all levels. Simple ideas well executed can create great challenges and beauty.

If you want to tie people up and do things to them this is the class for you.

Don’t miss this chance to learn important lessons of this style of bondage from one of the best as he makes his UK teaching debut.

Studio Kokoro

We welcome all body types, genders, POC, all abilities and identities at Studio Kokoro.

Please read our Code of Conduct before buying your ticket.

The studio is very easy to get to via public transport and we have TravelLodge very close by. If you are driving we also have lots of parking at the venue, more information on parking and amenities can be found here

The studio does not have a microwave but does have a fridge for you to store food, and a selection of hot and cold drinks.

All of our tickets can be found on the event ticket page HERE! – we try to be flexible, you can pay at the studio with cash or card, pay in instalments, purchase the deposit ticket and pay the rest later or pay in full. Contact us if you have any specific requirements.