Sauvage_x and oceanschild are excited to help at Studio Kokoro, sharing the fun and beauty of a hojo hishi (‘diamond’) tie. The class helps develop self-awareness and body knowledge as well as rope skills.

The class includes:

  • A basic hojo hishi “diamond” tie that gives plenty of ways of playing.
  • An exercise to help focus on your own and your partner’s breathing in rope, and how the person tying can use this to direct their energy.
  • How your rope handling can change the feeling of the tie.
  • Using the tie to play with pressure points, tension and predicaments.
  • The importance of untying: How some of the most intense experiences can be enjoyed during untying, and how the distinction between tying and untying can be blurred.
  • The class will start with some negotiation considerations to help make a positive experience and avoid risks.

Who will benefit:

  • The class aims to help the development of both those who tie and those who get tied.

Previous rope experience needed:

  • Suitable for all levels.

Thank you and see you there!

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