Join us for a two day workshop with Fred Rx and Ropebaby, covering fundamentals, body handling, futomomo, upline management and partials including the crab tie.

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Day 1 – 11:00 to 18:00
Fred will begin by looking at developing a deeper understanding and mastery of the fundamental elements of rope play that build the foundation of advanced practice, a benefit to any student wanting to excel in their rope skills. Beginners will learn proper techniques for foundational elements of rope play while more advanced practitioners will learn subtle but high impact refinements and modifications.

We will explore an in depth breakdown and analysis of single and double column ties, choosing the right tie for application and cover exercise to improve efficiency, speed and security. We will look at the mechanics of the body, pressure points and mental manipulation as we explore the idea of controlling other bodies with our own. We will discuss and play with the idea of of confidence, posture, rope fluidity, and other subtle cues in play with our partners.

Futomomos are a great way to express feeling rope and structures rope, we will look at applying the philosophy that goes into this class to the whole of our bondage.

improving fundamentals, we will look at single and double column ties, rope handling and intention. We will explore futomomo concepts for different occasions and look at upline management.

Day 2 – 10:00 to 17:00

On the second day of this intensive Fred will take us to look at Hishi Patterns, moving away from straight lines, let’s add some diamonds into our rope, creating a nice aesthetic. We will also look at adding structure and stress to the body.

Exploring partial suspensions we must first look at upline attachments. Fred will take us on a comprehensive review how to think critically about where uplines are attached to optimise load distribution and efficiently lock uplines and manage that excess rope.

To round the workshop off we will explore the crab tie with partial suspension, using a butt harness we will explore how to get interesting and vulnerable shapes.

Rope Jam

We will have a rope jam after the workshop on Saturday night, which you can attend as part of your ticket fee.


Riggers should ideally be able to tie a single column tie, but if you can’t have a look at this Single Column tie video by FredRx in preparation for the class.

Bottoms and Riggers are asked to come with an open mind, willingness to communicate and attitude for learning.

Workshop Educators

About FredRx

Fred’s relationship with rope has taken many forms and has been ever present in his life. From scouts to theatre rigging to rock climbing and now rope bondage. Fred began practising rope bondage in 2011 in order to enhance his BDSM scenes. His influences have been American, European, and Eastern. Fred’s passion for rope itself exceeded his own knowledge and he began to travel for the sole sake of learning more. The last 4 years of his life has been spent as a travelling rope-nomad, learning as many different styles and techniques as possible from inspiring teachers and riggers all over the globe.

Fred is not easily categorised, stereotyped, or labelled… nor is his rope. Instead of following only one methodology of rope bondage in his tying and teaching, Fred wishes to amalgamate the unique wisdom of each of his teachers incorporating the distinctive styles of different cultures and his personal reverence for the magic in improvised rope into his own style. Fred’s focus is on fusing traditional Japanese rope bondage with his own chaotic primal nature and a curiosity of the twisted and unexplored. He has taught intensives and conventions in the US and Internationally. Fred loves his students dearly and the game of learning how they learn. He wishes to inspire discipline and wonder in their personal tying practices and encourage everyone to dissect, inspect, and expand on anything he teaches. Fred thinks rope is an incredible tool and he looks forward to forever learning more about it.

About Ropebaby

Ropebaby is a travelling artist, model, sex educator and indie porn producer whose introduction to rope bondage began in the DC/Baltimore area in 2015.
A few months into performing and practising rope bondage in her local community Ropebaby noticed a lack of femme-friendly resources for new bottoms. This led to the creation of a small zine called Gimme Ice Cream where she showcased products, models and educational articles that celebrated femininity in kink. After curating the zine for a few months she shifted her focus to writing and sharing her own personal experiences in rope, sadomasochism and D/s dynamics through social media.
In 2017 she managed Babeland, a sex shop in New York City where she became further educated in sexual health and responsibility. Travelling has allowed her to participate in a variety of rope bondage styles, communities, and practices. In late 2018 she met FredRx, and has been working with him to continue to share invaluable knowledge and resources to those who share her love and thirst for education on rope bondage safety, meaning, and technique.

Studio Kokoro**

We welcome all body types, genders, POC, all abilities and identities at Studio Kokoro.

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