The Studio Kokoro Rope Jam is a combination of open practice and rope play for all riggers, bottoms and self-suspenders to make use of the studio, floor space, suspension points and hashira.

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We are excited to have Ankrah share her ‘Online to Offline’ journey and perspective on keeping yourself safe when meeting people online. See full description below. This discussion will run from 3pm

Come and enjoy tying in our calm and beautiful space and chill in our break out area.

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Online to Offline with Ankrah

From Fetlife , Instagram, Facebook Twitter, you have probably heard about the boring lectures about meeting people online to offline, or watched horror movies of someone getting kidnapped because they met a stranger off the internet. Despite this you might be still thinking about meeting that kinky person, or maybe you have met multiple people and somehow are still alive?

I want to invite you to an open discussion about this subject, challenging safety aspects and talking about how to survive while avoiding the boring lectures of YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, DON’T DO IT. Because we all know you are still going to meet a murder from the internet.

So let’s have a discussion and challenge advice with different scenarios, a learning experience we can all take from and put into real practice.

Here are just some of questions I would like to challenge and discuss:

  • How deep should you be vetting?
  • When do you draw the line from investigating someone’s personal life when it’s your life on the line?
  • Can you really trust positive references?
  • What happens when you hear a consent violation?

So, a little introduction of who I am.. Hi My name is Ankrah I have been doing BDSM since I was 18 shortly after joining Fetlife I met my first dominant partner from Fetlife, straight off the internet.

Since then I have travelled up and down England meeting various different people, mostly from interactions on Fetlife. My travels even lead me all the way to America. Three times I have travelled to America to meet kinky strangers I now consider my good friends. I am however extremely lucky to have have met some amazingly wonderful people, and now want to share my story, lessons learned and how I kept myself safe.

Not all my encounters have been positive, and some situations have challenged me and had even contradicted some of my own advice I share, but In my experiences I have gained knowledge from which I have learned a lot.

Come along to this open discussion, share advice and ask questions. Maybe we can help someone that needed to hear something helpful.