By popular demand, WykD_Dave and Clover have only 1 opportunity to teach this very unique course in 2019. Numbers are limited to allow for quality tuition and 1-2-1 time.

In this unique course you will receive in depth information and tuition on every aspect of the WykD method TK with personal attention and guided tying. After each class you will have 2 weeks to digest and practice what you have learned and then return for a review, troubleshooting reinforcement, new information and next steps. This 2 weeks provides a weekend in between each lesson to allow for practice time and embedding what has been learned.

The problem with one-off classes is that there is often no follow up and students leave overloaded with information. Inevitably details and nuances are lost sometimes without even knowing it. Learning needs to be reinforced, reviewed and revisited so that the unintentional mistakes that can creep in can be spotted and rectified.

This is a truly unique course providing the most complete TK tuition ever offered.

The workshop will contain information for both tops and bottoms including working together with communication and understanding between partners.

Aspects covered include…

  • Anatomy
  • Safety
  • Bio-mechanics
  • Rope placement
  • Interaction
  • Principles of beginning
  • Principles of conclusion
  • Balance
  • Tension
  • Variation
  • Extension
  • Requirements
  • Attaching Suspension Lines

Models must be able to achieve the high TK hands position, hands above parallel behind the back comfortably, this course is demanding on bottoms shoulders. An example of the position to be achieved can be seen here

There will be no switching during or between classes as time does not permit this, the person tying initially must be the person tying for the duration of the course. It is fine to have a different bottom for each class, although will be more beneficial for the rigger if the same bottom is present throughout the course.

Rope: At least 3 Jute ropes between 7 and 8 meters and between 5 and 6mm in diameter.

We have rope for sale or rope you can borrow if needed.

Location: Classes will be conducted on Friday evenings from 7pm until 9pm at Studio Kokoro and run for 4 weeks on the dates below.

1st November 2019 – Day 1
15th November 2019 – Day 2
29th November 2019 – Day 3
13th December 2019 – Day 4.

Early Bird Tickets can be purchased here until 1st September. Please feel free to use your scene name when booking tickets. Ensure your email is correct as you will receive an information pack 2 weeks before classes commence.