Two days intensive workshop

We will start with the study of the Takate-Kote (TK) in the style of Kinbaku LuXuria by Riccardo Wildties and we will go through the first ties of the style.  We will see how to apply simple principles and skills to our bondage and we let the journey start: we will introduce what semenawa is and step by step we will deal with the beauty of suffering, which is the core of the style.

The workshop will cover:

  • TK (2-3 ropes) as adapted by Wildties from Naka-ryu to improve safety without losing the spirit
  • Semenawa floor-work ties
  • Basic suspensions of the style
  • Traditional Japanese style aesthetics

Workshop tickets are £195.00 per tying pair and can be found here…


  • Rigger must be able to tie a stable 2-ropes TK in any style.
  • Rigger must be able to efficiently tie any kind of double and single column tie.
  • Models should be confident with TK / Gote
  • Both rigger and model should be confident with basic suspensions
  • 12 ropes (natural fibre) will be required. Suggested size: 5-6mm diameter and 7-7.5m length.


Andrea Kurogami, 31 years old. In 2014 he met Shiawase and they became partners in life. Together, they started to study Japanese bondage at the end of 2016, with Riccardo and Red Sabbath. From that moment on, their way of living bondage changed. In 2017 Kurogami and Shiawase created Kinkyphilia, a project for sharing their way to live alternative sexuality and especially the way they live kinbaku. In February 2018 Kurogami became a Kinbaku LuXuria’s certified educator, definitely matching Riccardo’s educational values.


Kinbaku LuXuria is a traditional style, which directly descends from Naka-ryu. Riccardo introduced a technical re-engineering in order to make the style fit with Western body types that didn’t undermine the original spirit of the style. Semenawa, the tormenting rope, is the word that better resume the mood of this style.

There will be a performance in the evening on the Saturday night followed by open playing. Tickets for the performance and play night are available to buy separately.

All tickets can be found on the event ticket page here…