Exploring the parallels and paradigms of two approaches to kinbaku.

WykD or Wild?

Even better this weekend will be WykD and Wild!

WykD Dave and Riccardo Wildties are two of the most sought after Kinbaku educators in Europe. Their styles are very different… or maybe not?

In this workshop WykD Dave and Wildties will analyse their own Kinbaku in technique, aesthetics and communication.

You will see highlights of their similarities, differences and contrasting approaches to the same challenges.

From their way of tying the gote (TK), to the use of rope as a mean for communication, Dave and Riccardo, with the help of their expert partners Clover and Redsabbath, will give you a unique insight into the elements of their style kinbaku and give exercises to work with these their styles and explore your own.


  • Good command of the gote (TK / box tie).
  • Suspension experience.
  • Ability to lock off on bamboo.

Tickets are £500 per couple. You can purchase your tickets in two payments. The first before the end of April and the second by the end of August.

Price includes the show night and play part on Saturday.

NB: If you only want to come to the show night you can purchase a ticket for that separately. (see the ticket options below)