We’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone involved in the opening of studio Kokoro. So many people, old friends and new have contributed to making it a possibility.

We genuinely would never have been able to open without the support and help we received. We will always be grateful for those efforts.

It was wonderful for us to see everyone having a good time at the opening. It gave us such a warm feeling and made us sure we were where we were meant to be.

The feeling of community and warmth through the whole opening weekend was incredible. Thank you all for being a part of that feeling and wonderful experience.

We really hope to foster a feeling of community and warmth at the studio and hope we will see you all again along with new visitors and friends in future.

We really want to build a thriving rope scene here and see lots of great rope in the studio.

We thank you a again from the bottom of our hearts.