As part of our wanting to welcome people to the studio, we also wanted to give newcomers to rope bondage a good start. We would like to introduce this one-off practical (no TK) class suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners and those would would like to improve their fundamental skills and understanding.

There will be information for both bottoms and tops useful to both perspectives and a rope bottom 101 introduction to being in rope. All attendees will get a copy of Clover’s rope bottom guide to take away with them along with a printout of our most recommended warm up exercises!

You will learn fundamental skills and techniques which will be applicable to all your rope work will be covered with applications and practice and work with forms including leg ties, strappado, and upper body ties.

The class will include floorwork and practical exercises to help you explore applying the techniques explored during the day.

We will focus on going past ego and focus wholeheartedly on the person you’re with. We will discuss the concept of working to reach the stage where tying doesn’t get in the way of connection and so many things are involved in getting to that point.

The class itself will run from 10:00-18:00 and optional open tying jam until 23:00

This class will be followed by an optional open tying session where you can play and enjoy the skills you have learned during the day. Clover and Dave will be on hand to answer any follow up questions from the days class.

This Class is taught by WykD_Dave and Clover

What to bring? Yourselves and some rope if you have it, we have some communal rope for you to use if you do not have any.

What to wear? Clothes comfortable for tying in, fitness, dance or yoga clothes are fine as well as underwear.

Tickets available here!